Spicy Rice Cake?! 

Heard of it?! Nah?! Well Korea has it.

We went to Hobing a Korean Dessert Café, the place was good for hanging out and if you’re a K-Pop fanatic (like me) you’ll enjoy the food while watching you’re favorite Korean Music Video (because they played it there and it’s awsome!)
Tteukbokki it’s one of the famous Korean Street Food you must try when you visit Korea, it’s our first time trying it .. So basically one bowl is good for 2-3 persons. It comes with a fish cake, sausages and motzarella cheese on top. While ordering they will ask you what level of spicyness you like so if you’re a spicy food lover you can try the extra spicy one but since it’s our first time we ordered the mild one. The thing is it’s still super spicy ~ but we loved it, it has a distinct after taste that let’s you eat more.

(I looooove the sausages!)

To minimize the spicyness we also ordered my all time favorite, Honey Butter Toast! It actually tones down the spicyness of the tteukbokki since it’s sweet and it has vanilla ice cream on top.

Lastly, the never ending bingsu! They actually have different flavors of bingsu but we haven’t tried those so maybe next time. But this one’s a must try! Definitely.

To wrap it up, here’s our snap.


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