I want you to remeremember the very first time we saw each other. 

The first time you saw me and all you could do was stare, and suddenly everything’s in slowmo .. It’s as if there’s a certain song playing on the background. But all I can do is ignore you. 

It’s as if I never find you cute or we can never see each other, because it’s a big world out here and all of the thousands of people I’ll walk past by again on this crowded street I don’t think I will bumped into again.

But then the universe has it’s way, and I want you to remember the first time you said “hi” while I was standing there waiting for the bus. My mom taught me to never talk to strangers, so I just nod at your approach .. But on that day I felt like I want to make a conversation with a mere stranger on the bus stop.

I want you to remember the first time you held my hand, how you held it tight like there’s no tomorrow. It was like you’re holding my heart in your hands and it’s warm and it feels like home.

I want you to remember our first kiss,  how it felt like everything because you are my everything. 

I want you to remember this day. No, I want you to remember everything, over and over again. How I find you cute staring at me on that crowded street and how I silently wish that we can cross each other’s path again. How I like the sound of your voice saying “hi” on the bus stop when you’re just a mere stranger.

How I don’t want to let go of your hand, coz I know that it’s where my heart belongs. How that kiss, the taste of your lips still lingers .. and it hurts, it still hurts. Why does it hurt? Why does it have to be the last? Why do you have to leave? Why do I have to feel this alone? Why? ..

I want you to remember me, and how I loved you. But I guess I’ll be the one remembering and you’ll be the one forgetting. 


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