Manila’s historical places 

It’s been a long long while .. Haha I’ve been busy at school and life in general. This blog is about some of Philippines historical places, enjoy!

For our humanities final project we decided to do a short documentary about Manila’s historical places, so here are the two places.

Manila Central Post Office 


It was built in 1926, as you can see it portrays a neo classical architecture and it is located in Ermita, Intramuros. It also witnessed many of the nations historical events from the American Occupation to the battle of Manila in 1945.

It was also my first time going here and I must say that it’s really an amazing experience, there’s so many places that I haven’t explored yet. I guess it’s good to start exploring within your country  because there’s a lot to explore to, there’s so many hidden gems within my country and I’m proud of that.



Binondo Chruch 

Binondo, The World’s Oldest China Town. This Church was build in 1596 by the Dominican Priest, it was one of the oldest churches in the Philippines and it is also the home of our very first saint ‘San Lorenzo Ruiz’. 

Binondo is a district in Manila and is a home for the migrant Chinese way back hundreds of centuries, and this church is the center of the said district. The architecture of the church has the touch of Spanish, Filipino and Chinese structure and this church is considered one of the beautiful churches in the country.





Wandering around the streets of this old china town and seeing how beautiful it is and the people here makes me want to go back in time, I wanted to see and experience how everything works back then. I think one of the good thing about our little escapade is that it’s amazing how they manage to maintain everything, and how intact the people are.



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