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Snow Panda 

It’s been a while! But Anyways, it’s getting hotter nowadays here at the Philippines .. Summer is here I guess and  I’m pretty excited. So, Here’s another Korean Dessert Café blog. Enjoy!

Snow Panda

It’s a Korean Dessert Café that I’ve been wanting to try ever since it started franchising here in the philippines, they offer different flavors of bingsu (shaved ice) they also have waffles and toast, special tea, and cool drinks to match up the hot weather. 

The place is really good, comfy sofa’s and it has a very nice ambiance, not too spacy tho but it’s good if you want to have alone time.  There’s cute panda display at the entrance too welcoming you. 

We ordered cookies and cream frappe and choco java chip frappe. Choco Java Chip suits my taste buds coz I really love frappe, cookies and cream is too sweet it’s like they poured a lot of sugar.

The Special waffle with mango on top with some chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream. It’s not that good, the waffle is not fully cooked plus it is plain, we’re not that satisfied with how the waffle is too plain. It’s  6/10, not bad tho. Still looking forward to try their bingsu.